1. Before listening I did’nt know why schools do’nt talk about suicide

    After listening I now know that consoulers have to get re-verified every 5 years

    I know that does’nt have to do with my perspective but at least I learned something

  2. Before listening to this I haven’t ever heard the perspective of a school counselors view so after it was really eye opening to hear the ways that they pick out children that might be struggling and hear what the process is for the kids.

  3. Before listening I thought that school should talk about mental illness, but i also thought there are boundaries that people should take when talking about it or posting it on social media. I Also think that it would be A good thing if schools were to be more aware of it and teach kids the signs so that kids can report it if they think that the kids can let an adult know. After listening I still think that there are boundaries that the schools have to take but also schools need to be more aware and be able to talk about it with the kids in the schools because its hard for us to watch our friends having an issue but not knowing whats wrong. My perspective really changed listening to this podcast.

  4. Before I listened to your podcast, I thought that schools didn’t pay a lot of attention to suicide, or at least as much as they should, but after listening I now have a better understanding of the topic because she explained how the school can take action on suicide and how they go about navigating the whole situation. I thought this podcast was very good, I really enjoyed the questions you two asked her and I like that she went into depth and detail on the questions that were being asked.

  5. Before listening to this podcast, I thought that she wasn’t going to answer the questions as well as she did. I really enjoyed how she went into depth and detail when responding to your questions. I am impressed with the questions you two asked her and I could tell you spent time on this podcast.

  6. Before I listened to this podcast, I honestly thought that most, if not all, school counselors, did not care, or did not pay much attention to suicide. As I’m listening to the podcast, I’m remembering times of when I myself, had issues with suicidal thoughts, and issues with self harm, though those are gone. At that time, I wanted it to be acknowledged, for someone to tell me “Don’t do it, these people can help you.” but nobody did, because it’s just not a topic often discussed, especially in schools. Personally I think that instead of just talking about suicide in schools, I think that we should be talking about prevention.
    After listening to the podcast, I can definitely see that school counselors do pay attention to suicides.
    I liked this podcast a lot, it certainly widened my perspective.

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