1. Nice music choice for the background. I think it added professionalism to the interview and did not detract from the speakers. Excellent information on the pros and cons of technology and I appreciated the citing of the resources where some of this information was found. I would have liked to hear some statistics on how much time the average teenager is using technology each day. It would have been helpful to hear how technology had been both helpful and harmful to Dustin, personally. However, of course it is possible that he has the opinion that he experiences no harmful affects. Nice question about how life would be like without technology like cell phone. The answer being ‘people would be more active.’ Your last interviewee seemed very knowledgeable of the topic though he personally does not use technology all that much. He demonstrated his knowledge and reasoning very well and I appreciated his insights. Great job guys!

  2. Your podcast presents a pretty balanced view. I wonder, do you find yourself using technology with more caution after doing the podcast? Should we all be limiting our screen time? What are the signs that we are overusing technology and dipping into an unsafe addiction?

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