1. Before listening, I thought that there are so many people in the world who have different stories to tell and elements they can bring to the table that not everyone would expect that. After listening it makes me think that peoples pasts can shape who they are in the present and future.(PS I like how you had two different peoples perspectives that are both different which really opens my idea and mind on how people can have complete different ideas on someones past.

  2. Before I listened I had contemplated a few times how other people view things & their perspectives but I would never let it get to me too much because I was my own person with my own life and I never really found a need to try and look through other peoples eyes when I didn’t really have to or when it didn’t concern me.
    After listening I had noticed that maybe I should try harder when it comes to these things, because i’m not the only person with needs, feelings, etc; and I know this too, it’s just never really surfaced in my mind. Much like everyone is told, everyone has their own stories, and you can’t judge others because you don’t know them, and I really do need to work on that. This was an amazing podcast and my perspective was definitely widened on that factor.

  3. before listening to this podcast i didn’t really care about people’s past because as far as i was concerned my opinion of someone is bast off how they are when i’m around them or what i see in a news article (which most news articles are fake anyways) but now i think peoples past are important so my perspective did change quit a bit.

  4. Before listening I did have a understanding of people’s backgrounds and their lives based on that. But after listening it widened my perspective just a little further because of what was shared by the people you interviewed.

  5. Before listening, I thought about how we look at people and how it affects them. After listening, it made me think that what we do in the past affects our future. Your background affects everything that you do, so don’t view people as others.

  6. Before listening the short description made me think about that I sometimes wonder why people are they way they are or why they might be walking instead of driving a car, but a lot of the times I’m just judging.
    After listening it made me wonder why do people view others the way they do. Why don’t they just view them as themselves

  7. before i listened to your podcast i didn’t really think about how other people were impacted by our words, i never really thought about others peoples perspectives either, after i listened i really gained new perspective it was really cool listening to your podcast 🙂

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