1. I didn’t know that 3 single periods count as a missed day! I appreciated learning that numbers of truancy have been going down each year since the Becca Bill was passed. I could hear the sincere interest in your voices about your subject and your curiousity as to why kids still continue to miss too many days of school when there are such serious consequences. I also heard compassion when the different ideas for truancy were dicussed. I would have liked to known why it was called the Becca Bill. I like how you ended your podcast, asking for input from your audience, nice touch!

  2. You guys did great! you had 3 different interviews from different perspectives. The you guys showed what you learned and what you opinion was. i wish i would have done all of that in my podcast when i went through this class.

  3. good job on getting a variety of interviews,it really helped create contrast and draw me in and makes me actually listen.its also kinda neat hearing the teachers perspectives and hearing what they think is happening because not all the truant students are late for the reasons people may think.the editing on this podcast is prime and the audio is really clear and i can understand what words are being said.

  4. I appreciate that you obtained the interviews from students, staff, and the attendance officer to show multiple perspectives. It was interesting to hear that the Becca Bill could be pretty helpful to students rather than just throwing them in jail as the image for the podcast suggests.

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