1. Hey Dustin and Rodney, As a mother of two gamers I appreciated you making this pod cast. It was great how you listened to Emily and responded in thoughtful way and were open minded thought that many of her comments were contrary to how you feel about video games. I thought it was great as you came to the solution that there need to be balanced life style, especially as sitting is being seen one of the biggest health threats to our populations. I was interested in listening to this because of, like I said, I have two gamers for kids. Both have suffered from addiction to computer games and I have seen the negative and positive affects of playing. Thanks again.

  2. Wow, it was awesome the way you kept an open-minded stance on this issue as you introduced research and did your interviews. Originally, you set out to address racism and sexism in video games too, so I was disappointed that you didn’t get to those questions. I wonder what your listeners opinions would be about the potential impact video games on racism and sexism. Do they make things better, worse, or not really have an impact different from other day to day interractions.

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