1. Very informational! Before listening to this podcast, we believed that the dark web was used to sell illegal stuff.

  2. before listening to this podcast i knew that the dark web existed from youtube videos, i already know that theyre are illegal selling and trading on the dark web and theyre are dangers that you might not be buying the thing you think you are, also its really dangerous because you never know what the person your buying from is gonna do when they either meet up with you or when you pay but use your personal information, afterwards my perspective stayed the same because the things that i have mentioned before were basically the same, but i did not know that the government had catfish sites for criminals to buy things on to catch them.

  3. before listening I really didn’t know much about the topic, I just knew that is was a thing that only some people know how to get to, After listening I understand more about the topic and that the deep web is most likely something that you use everyday like Netflix because it has some of your personal info on yourself. It was really cool to listen to your podcast thanks you!

  4. Before listening, I really never gave thought about this topic.
    After listening, it made me think that many bad things are going on in the dark web, and it is unfortunate that they are happening.

  5. Before I listened I thought that this podcast would talk about the dangers of the deep dark web. After I listened to this podcast I thought that the deep web is something that has sites that can be used to buy things that you cant buy on the regular internet and some of the deep web sights can be illegal.

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