1. I like the way you organized this podcast. Definition/Facts/Interview. I would have liked to have known more about who your interviewee was. I think your questions were good and the flow of the interview was well placed. I thought a valuable part of your podcast were your prompts that led your interviewee to sharing simple actions that he takes each day to help slow down global warming. I did find the music in the beginning distracting. Finally, that was a good strong way to end your podcast, challenging the listener to reflect and think about their own plan of action. Thank you for choosing this subject and sharing it with the public.

  2. This was a very informative podcast. you guys did great, one thing i think could have been done better would have been cutting out the stumbling and “um” so it sounded more put together. but this was overall an amazing project. you guys did great.

  3. After being interviewed, I was curious about my memory regarding atmosphere “holes” with regard to global warming. After further research, I would clarify that the holes I was remembering were related to ozone and occur mostly at the poles and have more to do with chlorine and bromine gases than CO2 emissions from removal of forest, fire, and other human activity. Much global effort has been used during the past 20 years to reduce the use of CFCs, which were a prime contributor to ozone depletion. It seems that CO2 emission is a far greater problem today. Thanks podcast guys for making me think more deeply about this issue!

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