1. A picture tells a thousand words! Great choice of picture. Nice sequencing of questions for the counselor. I appreciated your educating your listeners about the 9 different types of depression and giving some examples. Your encouragement for students to see a professional to be evaluated for depression instead of relying on an online test could make a world of difference to one or more of your listeners. I think this was a powerful learning for your audience in that I think they will take signs of depression more seriously. Great job ladies!

  2. A very insightful talk about depression. As someone with this mental illness it’s nice to see people talking about this topic. ( Jill walling was a great choice to interview 🙂 )

  3. it was really informative and helped expand my perspective on the topic of depression, and your interview was really great and well done.

  4. Thanks for the advice about avoiding online tests for depression. I can see from your podcast that it’s a complex disease that deserves the help and guidance of a professional to diagnose and treat. Maybe one of you will become a mental health counselor someday.

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