Effects of Drugs on Families


Our podcast consists of two interviews (one from a mother and the other from her daughter). Nicole talks about her past with drug addiction and shares her perspective on how it affected her relationships. Her mother Vicki explains her perspective on how it affected the rest of the family.

Through this project we hoped to glean insights that could help us and our listeners better understand how drugs affect addicts and the people surrounding them.


  1. Excellent series of questions. Great job preparing for this interview. Your questions were well thought out and were essential in building these very comprehensive narratives. I appreciate the mom’s and daughter’s raw honesty and hard truths. Really great journalism, awesome job ladies! It might have been planned or it might have been a mistake, but the last words of …”Hello, what is your name?” gave me the shivers. It was as if ‘I’ the listener was now going to be interviewed. Thanks again, for all your efforts.

  2. Wow, these were powerful interviews with real people, who struggled with real problems. We could all learn a lot from listening to their journey. I am grateful they had the courage to share so candidly.

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